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Looking to Inspire Your Employees or Event Attendees? 

PMA is a speaking and training company that can help you motivate employees, elevate your culture, and

increase productivity.

Build A Culture Your Employees Want


Employees want a fun and productive environment where they feel valued everyday. Unfortunately, this type of culture is hard to come by and many business owners don't know where to start.

With over 45 years of experience in the retail, food, hospitality, recreation and travel industries, PMA bridges the gap from taking average cultures to awesome cultures.


Paul Mix, President of PMA, is widely known for his enthusiastic personality, effective presentations, and life-changing workshops. As a former CEO, COO and CMO, Paul has taken several companies to the top companies to work for in Utah and the United States.

Popular Trainings for Your People

The One+ Customer Experience




The 4 L's of 


Time Management


Your Mindset

Keeping Employees Happy in Hectic Times

How to Get Your Focus Back

Abundance vs Scarcity Thinking

Staying Motivated in Menacing Times

Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

Let's Talk

We would love to help create happy employees and happy customers for your organization. Schedule a 30-minute consultation about your business. We look forward to visiting with you!


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