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We measure real-time happiness
for customers, employees & events

Don't settle for the 2-5% of your people who fill out surveys only when they are upset. Use up to 80% of your employees & customer's input to make critical business decisions and improve your employee engagement and customer retention. 

 - Provides real-time actionable insights
 - Creates change in employee's behavior
 - Improves customer loyalty
 - 10 X more effective than surveys
 - Increases profits by retaining customers

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"The HappyorNot kiosks and bar codes have been a great tool for us. We have used them throughout our hospital to help measure and drive both employee engagement and patient satisfaction. They are flexible, user-friendly, and provide immediate, clear and actionable information to our department leaders. The modest investment has been well worth it."


Joshua Cowan, Adventist Health

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