What we do

Employee engagement and customer loyalty go hand in hand.

Happy customers are a result of happy employees.

Studies have indicated businesses who really focus on their

employees and customers make 2.5X more money

than those that don't.

We partner with companies to significantly increase their employee's and customer's happiness through innovative training and technology.

Our Motivate, Measure & Multiply program  

creates the results you are looking for in a

employee engagement and customer retention program.



What are your employees saying?

We find out through a fun and easy survey. We then analyze the data, share it with you, and provide recommendations so you can begin increasing employee engagement. 


We then motivate your employees by involving them in a fun, interactive customer service workshop which helps them understand 

"What's in it for them?"

We create a gamification process by defining the rules of the game and what is expected to deliver a "WOW" experience to every one of yours customers, every time. 


Feedback is the "Breakfast of Champions" and the more that is measured and shared with your employees the more they

will respond.

We don't depend on the only 1-3% of customers who fill out surveys. We use more advanced methods of gathering data from customer focus groups to secret shoppers to Happy or Not® feedback kiosks and collection points. We gather the real-time feedback you need to create real-time change in your employee's behavior. 

We believe that when performance is measured, performance will improve, but when performance is measured and real-time  feedback is provided, the rate of improvement accelerates dramatically.


Once expectations have been defined and measured, it's time to multiply a loyalty experience to every customer every day.

We actively work with your employees to review the extensive data we gather and involve them in the solutions of what they need know and more importantly do, to improve.

There is a difference between providing customer service and creating customer loyalty.

Rendering great customer service is nice but creating deep loyalty is what increases revenues and profits.