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What is a bad customer experience costing you?

I just finished reading a very interesting article

on the monetary damage it cost United Airlines when they had the horrible situation where they dragged the passenger off the plane because it was overbooked-$770 million dollars in just 4 days!

The article claimed that bad customer experiences costs businesses over $62 Billion a year! The sad thing is that businesses don't often times hear of the bad experiences that their customers have, they just stop coming in.

If you are surveying your customers you never hear from the 90% that won't answer a survey because we are inundated with surveys. When was the last time you filled out one?

In the future I plan to use this blog to point out a few things you can be doing to increase your levels of customer service like never before. Will it be worth it? A Harvard business review article states that businesses who really focus on the customer experience make 2.5X more revenues than those that don't. I look forward to visiting with you.

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